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bookCoverThis is a heartfelt story of childhood innocence and naivety, a story that began out of boredom one very wet and rainy afternoon in Tokyo, Japan.

While on a concert tour of Japan with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra in 1982, cellist, artist, and author Peter David Snyder happened to walk by a local stationary store on a very wet morning and noticed a uniquely packaged set of drawing pens. Wanting something to draw with besides a pencil, he went inside the store and purchased them. Since the continual rainy weather showed no signs of letting up, the pen set would enable him to enjoy the free time in a relaxed and creative manner.

As he began to sketch some arbitrary flowers he’d seen outside the hotel in the gardens, some ideas began to take shape on his sketchpad. Gradually as he continued drawing, he realized that their look and color could develop into something very special. The idea of a comic strip featuring two talking flowers came to mind. The thought of two flowers talking to one another about the mundane daily activities that usually occurred in an average garden was interesting and intriguing. Worms, snails, all crawling around them, or the ever-pervasive and creeping morning glory vines would provide constant banter for them in the beginning.


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The Adventure Continues! – “The Adventures of Ragweed and Petals”
Early Monday morning, after an emotional and stressful weekend for the Quarkle family, looking as if NEW YORK was in for more stormy wet weather, the sound of thunder crashing and echoing throughout the bustling city, accompanied with lightning illuminating the skies, made the fragile and sensitive Quarkoloids even edgier then they’d already been. Ella and her family had very little sleep the whole entire weekend. Tormented and grieving over the disappearance of their precious and very rare plants, remaining inside or near the hotel seemed to be their only choice. Their emotions were simply worn to a frazzle.

The Frog and Mister Snail
One morning as the sun began to peek over the mountains in the eastern sky of Pine Forest, the sounds of nature and its creatures awakening could be heard throughout the woods. Beautifully colored Monarch Butterflies were in abundance, fluttering and nesting in and around a grove of tall Eucalyptus trees. The forest was alive with the sounds of a variety of Birds and small creatures “chatting or chirping” to one another; as if it were the signal for all the rest of the forest creatures to “wake up” to another beautiful day in their paradise. “Chirp, chirp-chirp! Chatter-chatter chat! Tweet, tweetle-lee tweet,” they went!

It was a forest filled with some of the most spectacular trees and beautiful wild flowers imaginable. The tallest of Pine, Spruce and Fir trees were in abundance. There were many varieties of birds and animals that could be seen most anytime in the beautiful forest.